1 Kings 7:13
Pillars of Security and Strength 1Ki 7:13-26 Hiram, the artificer, was remarkably gifted. From his father he had inherited all the genius of Tyre, while on his mother’s side he was of the tribe of Naphtali and thus inherited the religious genius of the Hebrew people. The twin pillars were made of the brass taken from the king of Zobah, 1Ch 18:8-9 . Each would stand to a height of forty feet. Their names were symbolical, and indicated their strength and durability. Wreaths of golden chainwork hung from the capitals, while beautiful ornaments of lily-work adorned the heads of these noble columns. Jachin- “he shall establish”-and Boaz -“in him is strength”-combined with the beauty of the lily-work, remind us that strength and beauty are in God’s sanctuary and blend in the character of His people. The molten sea was substituted for the ancient laver, Exo 30:18 . It was an immense circular vase, holding 20,000 gallons of water. Its brim was in the form of a lily and it stood on twelve brazen oxen. Water in abundance was needed for the cleansing of the courts; and our Lord has taught us in Joh 13:1-38 the necessity for constant washing if we would walk with God.