1 Kings 8:1
the Temple Filled with Glory 1Ki 8:1-11 When the Temple was finished it was dedicated in connection with the Feast of Tabernacles. All Israel in its most festive attire welcomed the Ark to its resting-place, with sacrifices and offerings that defied calculation. The budding rod and manna had gone from the Ark, because they belonged to a stage of experience which had passed away, just as we have to put away the things of our childhood; but the holy Law was there, 1Ki 8:9 , because, in our most ripened experience, we need to build and meditate on the eternal righteousness which is the foundation of God’s throne. The staves of the Ark were drawn out, because this was God’s resting-place forever. See Psa 132:1-18 . How comforted Solomon was when he saw the glory cloud settle down, like a bird on its nest! It was the sign of the divine approval and acceptance, Exo 40:34 . May that Presence fill the throne-room of our nature, that there may be no part dark, Luk 11:36 , but that soul, mind, and strength may be full of love and light.