1 Kings 8:22
God Greater than Any Temple 1Ki 8:22-32 Solomon’s different attitudes are specially mentioned. First he stood with hands outspread, 1Ki 8:22 ; then, as indicated by 1Ki 8:54 , he came to his knees. These attitudes show expectant faith, as well as profound humility and reverence. The more we know of God, and experience the blessing of fellowship with Him, the lower becomes our self-estimate. Confidence in God always enhances reverence, Heb 12:28 . The man who is lowest on his knees before God stands most erect to bless others, 1Ki 8:55 . The prayer began with an ascription of glory to God . In this it resembles the Lord’s Prayer; which begins with Hallowed be thy Name . Compare Psa 115:1 . Let us form our own prayers on this model. Then it acknowledges God’s fidelity to His promises. As He speaks, so He fulfils. But it is our part always to say with Solomon, Keep that which thou hast promised , 1Ki 8:25 , and Let thy word be verified , 1Ki 8:26 . When we stand on this sure footing with God, we can look out on all possible ills that may confront us-whether, drought, famine, pestilence, defeat, or captivity-and be absolutely sure that he will hear , answer , and forgive . Heaven cannot contain Him, but he dwells in the contrite heart, Isa 57:15 .