1 Kings 8:44
a Plea for National Righteousness 1Ki 8:44-53 How true it is that there is no man that sinneth not, 1Ki 8:46 ! Only one that ever walked this earth was holy, guileless, and undefiled, Heb 7:26 . When we fail to watch and abide in Christ, we are easily carried into captivity. How many of God’s children are thus taken captive! They are in bondage to some besetting sin, to some evil habit, to some degrading business, or to some unseemly alliance. Like blind Samson, they grind in the prison-house. Let any such, who long for freedom, take home to their souls the infinite comfort which God’s Word affords. Let them bethink-themselves of the holy and blessed days of the past. Let them repent, that is, in their heart and in practice put away the evil thing which is the outward badge of their sad condition. Let them turn again to the Savior, who has passed into the Holiest, that He may intercede in the presence of God for us all. There will be an immediate response. God will hearken in all that they call unto Him for, will forgive transgression and sin, and will restore His people to become again His own inheritance for His glory and praise.