1 Kings 8:54
Petition and Sacrifice 1Ki 8:54-66 The man, as we have seen, who kneels most humbly before God is empowered to bless the people in God’s name. What an august and noble testimony the king bore: “There hath not failed one word of all His good promise,” 1Ki 8:56 . Joshua had said that before Solomon, Jos 23:14 . Myriads have borne similar witness, and, as we are passing hence, we shall say the same. We have failed, but not God; we have left Him, but He has never cast us away. The mountains may depart and the hills remove, but He will not alter nor falter in His everlasting kindness. Let us ask Him to incline our hearts unto Him, 1Ki 8:58 . Notice the r.v. marginal reading in 1Ki 8:59 of the phrase, “as every day shall require”-“ the thing of a day in its day .” Whatever may be the requirement for any day, the abundance of grace needed is provided, but you must look up for it and use it. It is they who receive the abundance of grace that reign in life. But you cannot receive unless your heart is perfect with God, and you walk in His statutes and keep His commandments.