2 Kings 21:16
like Father, like Son 2Ki 21:16-26 Manasseh shed much innocent blood, and among others, tradition has it that Isaiah was sawn asunder at his command, Heb 11:37 . Amon followed in his father’s steps. Here is the horror of sin! A man may repent and turn to God, but he cannot undo the effect of his evil course on those whom he has seduced. Probably, on his conversion to God, Manasseh used all the power at his command to induce Amon to avoid the sins of his own early life and to follow the example of his later years. But Amon would not listen. “He walked in all the way that his father walked in!” No man sins by himself. The evil of his deeds is far-reaching. When once you have scattered thistledown-as you have sown, so will you reap. Christ’s heaviest denunciations were launched against those who put an occasion to fall in the way of one of his little ones. God forgive us, if we are making life’s battle harder for any soul, especially for our own child. “Take the safe path, father!” said a little boy as they were climbing a steep place. “Remember that I am coming.”