Psalm 68:1
the Leader of His People Psa 68:1-11 This is one of the grandest odes in literature. It was probably composed when the Ark was brought in triumph from the house of Obed-edom to the newly acquired hill of the Lord, 2Sa 6:1-23 . It is evidently a processional hymn, intended to be sung by bands of white-robed priests and Levites. In this paragraph the Ark was lifted to the shoulders of its bearers, while a measured strain was chanted, Psa 68:1-6 . Then, as the procession moved forward, the march through the wilderness was recited, Psa 68:7-11 . Let God arise! These opening words are borrowed from the formula used by Moses, Num 10:35 . Through the smoke of many a battlefield have they rung out! Cromwell’s “Ironsides” charged to their music. In Psa 68:5-6 we learn that God has a special care for lonely people and prisoners. The former He introduces to families, Joh 19:26-27 . The latter are brought out into prosperity. Psa 68:11 , r.v. seems to have a modern fulfillment in the exodus of noble women from happy homes in Christian lands to publish the gospel of Christ to the heathen.