Psalm 68:26
the God of the Whole Earth Psa 68:26-35 The constituent parts of the procession are now described, and in these closing verses the triumphal note rings out. It tells of the confidence of Israel in her ultimate dominance of the world, which was to be not physical, but moral and spiritual. The psalmist sees tribe after tribe passing into the sanctuary, and indicates each as it goes by Zebulun and Naphtali were mentioned in Deborah’s song, already quoted. They are specially noticed here, because they who have done well in the wars of the Lord will ever be rewarded. Among the results of God’s enthronement among His people is the submission of the kings of unnamed lands. In Psa 69:30 , r.v., the beast of the reeds is probably the crocodile, and refers to Egypt. Bulls and calves refer to the princes of surrounding nations and their subjects. Ethiopia reaches out her hands, offering tribute. The whole world is subdued to worship before the great God of Israel. He giveth strength and power unto His people . Let us avail ourselves of His gracious provisions. Let us ask Him to command our strength, Psa 68:28 ; Psa 68:35 .