Isaiah 2:12
an Exhortation to Humility and Reverence Isa 2:12-22 ; Isa 3:1-12 If men will not repent, they must suffer. If they will not voluntarily put away their idols and sorceries, they will be compelled to do so in the anguish of their disappointment with their helpless deities, Isa 2:20 . Nothing in that great civilization would be spared. High towers, fenced walls, ships, treasures, armor-all would perish. Their vaunted faith in man would cease. Life would become elemental in its simplicity amid the shelter of the ragged rocks. In sarcastic phrase the prophet depicts a despairing nation choosing for ruler the first man that came along with a decent coat on his back, Isa 2:6 ; but in vain. We can almost hear the sob of the prophet’s soul in Isa 2:8-9 , and recall the tears of a greater than Isaiah, Who wept over this same Jerusalem eight hundred years afterward. Patriotism is one of the purest passions that can burn in the heart of man! “Lives there a man, with soul so dead, that never to himself has said, This is my own, my native land!”