Zechariah 1:1
a Vision of Pardon and Restoration Zec 1:1-17 Zechariah does not slur over the sins of the past, but lays stress on the divine forgiveness. His only fear is lest God should call in vain, and the people refuse as their fathers did. Notice the repetition of God’s title, Lord of Hosts, five times in the first six verses. The enemy’s armies were vast, but the protecting hosts, vaster. A glimpse of these hosts is given in the following vision. A green valley, filled with myrtles, the emblem of humility, where the prophet may have been wont to meditate, seemed alive with mysterious figures, who had been patrolling the earth, and announced that it was peace, for these were the days of Cyrus’ illustrious reign. Notice the frequent reference to his celestial friend, Zec 1:9 ; Zec 1:14 ; Zec 1:19 ; Zec 4:1 ; Zec 4:4-5 ; Zec 5:5 ; Zec 5:10 ; Zec 6:4 . The future was bright with promise, Zec 1:16-17 .