Numbers 14:13
Pardon by Moses’ Intercession Num 14:13-25 Moses was free from selfish ambition. His one thought was for the glory of God. When for a moment the suggestion presented itself to his mind that his own seed should take the place of this rebellious race he instantly dismissed it. It was not to be entertained for a moment, lest the Egyptians make capital of it. He had no desire to be the ancestor of a great nation, if it would tarnish the divine honor. He would rather be consigned to oblivion himself than that one jewel in the glorious galaxy of God’s glory should be bedimmed. There were three arguments in his intercession: God’s reputation, God’s consistency with Himself and God’s mercy. Methinks I hear the voice of the Supreme Mediator these pleadings! His prayer was heard, but the generation that believed not could not enter the land. You may escape Egypt and yet miss Canaan. See Heb 3:12-19 .