Numbers 33:38
No Compromise with Idolatry Num 33:38-56 Aaron’s death must have been deeply felt by his brother Moses. During the great crisis of Hebrew history they had been so closely associated that the wrench must have been very considerable. In addition, there was the recollection of the sin which had excluded the two brothers from Canaan. In the Epistle to the Hebrews the death of Aaron is recorded to set forth the eternal priesthood of Christ, Heb 7:17 . Our High Priest has no successor; His office cannot be passed to another. It is not after Aaron, but Melchizedek. The last paragraph, Num 33:50-56 , is especially impressive. There must be no complicity with evil; for if there be, it will eat out the very heart of our character and happiness. It is much better to root out evil with a strong hand than to suffer it in any form, for, like the boomerang of the savage, our sinful permissions will come back on ourselves.