Numbers 6:1
the Vow of Separation Num 6:1-12 The law of the Nazarite is full of instruction, because he is a type of the child of God who is separated from evil, that he may be wholly surrendered and given over to the divine service. Three rules were enjoined. Not to touch any product of the vine . If we must have exhilaration and stimulus, let us seek it in the Holy Spirit, not in worldly excitement, Eph 5:18-19 . Not to cut the hair . The unshorn locks signified the dedication of the natural powers to God’s service. Let us beware of Delilah. Many are the razors waiting to deprive us of our crown, Jdg 16:19 . Not to touch the dead, however dear; teaching that the kingdom of God must supersede all earthly ties. If our separation breaks down, Num 6:9-12 , we must seek forgiveness and restoration; but the former days will not count. One sin may mar the power of a whole life of saintly testimony.