Numbers 8:14
Consecrated to God’s Service Num 8:14-26 The Levites may be taken to represent the Church as distinguished from the rest of mankind, or the little band of pastors, teachers, and missionaries, set apart for the service of the Church. In any case, they needed to be perpetually reminded that sin mingled with the holiest ceremonial, and required the perpetual cleansing of sacrifice. After our holiest services we need to remember that we are unprofitable servants. From thirty to fifty is the prime of human life. There is no inconsistency between Num 4:3 ; Num 4:23 here, because a five years novitiate was required. When we can no longer bear the strain of mind and body, we may still keep the holy charge and minister before the altar of incense, Num 8:25-26 . So it was with Zacharias in Luk 1:7 ; Luk 1:9 . We can intercede as long as we live, and our maintenance will only cease with our lifework.