Numbers 9:15
the Cloud upon the Tabernacle Num 9:15-23 We cannot decide on the shape of this cloud; whether it was a great cumulus, or spread out over the camp like an umbrella, so as to shelter the people from the sun glare. As the night fell, the shekinah-fire, that burned at its heart, became apparent. But whether it sheltered by day or illumined by night, it was always the symbol of the divine presence. All this prefigured the guidance and shelter that are afforded to His people by our Lord. Compare Joh 8:12 . Friends may urge you to change your sphere. The scarcity of your resources and the pressure of your foes may appear to force a move. A nameless fear may suggest that you will never hold your ground. But so long as the cloud doesn’t move, you must tarry where you are. Where the cloud broods, the manna falls. “My soul, wait thou only upon God!” Never go in front of God, nor lag behind, nor hesitate to strike your tent, if He leads on.