Numbers 9:1
Keeping the Passover Num 9:1-14 The Passover was celebrated in Egypt, Exo 12:1-51 ; in the Wilderness, Lev 1:14 ; and in the land of Canaan, Jos 5:1-15 . The thought of our redemption must underpin all the great movements of individuals and the Church, This one was specially memorable, because it led to the institution of “the little Passover,” Num 9:6-7 . Moses did not hasten to give an answer of his own, but waited upon God. The divine nature makes allowance for disabilities, over which we have no control. See 2Ch 30:13-20 . In the welcome given to strangers, we discover the wideness of God’s mercy. We, too, were strangers and foreigners, Eph 2:19-21 . My soul, never forget how thou wast once a stranger to the covenant of promise! Thine were the crumbs of the feast! But God has made thee sit with the children and included thee in the gracious provisions of His covenant!