Matthew 17:1
Jesus Shows Divine Glory Mat 17:1-8 Moses’ face shone after having absorbed the divine glory, as some diamonds burn with sunlight after being carried into a dark room. Stephen’s face shone because for a moment he had seen the Son of man. But the face of our Lord shone, not from without but from within. The shekinah of His heart was for the most part hidden, but here it burst through the frail veil of flesh, Joh 1:14 . The Apostle uses the same word when he says, “Be ye transfigured,” Rom 12:2 . He does not mean that for a brief moment we should see and reflect our Lord’s face. He wants us to enshrine Him in our hearts, and then to rid ourselves of all hindering veils, so that the light of the knowledge of the glory of God may make even the common garb of daily drudgery beautiful. This was the great climax of our Lord’s earthly life, when He definitely turned away from the glory that was set before Him, to endure the Cross for our redemption.