Matthew 17:22
Pay Tribute Where It Is Due Mat 17:22-27 All Jews were required to pay the half-shekel for the maintenance of the Temple services. See Exo 30:13 . As God’s own Son, our Lord might surely have claimed exemption from taxation for His Father’s house. But He waived His claims, that He might not put a stumbling-block in the way of others. We must often conform to requirements that seem needless, because of the effect of our example on others who have not had the advantages of our illumination. In the miracle that followed, our Lord sweetly teaches that He is responsible for the expenses of those who have given up other means to livelihood in order to devote themselves to His service. It is as though we are encouraged to go to Him to meet the demands made on us for taxes of one kind and another. He will give us what we need, kindly classing Himself with us, not in two coins, but in one. Make Christ’s interest your aim; He will make your taxes His care. See 1Jn 1:3 .