Matthew 23:27
Judgment and Lament Mat 23:27-39 True goodness recognizes and rewards good in the living; while the evil-minded cannot, or will not, believe that the people whom they meet daily are purely and sincerely good. They pride themselves on what they would have done if they had lived in the great days of the past, but they miss the opportunities which are always ready to hand. In this they judge and condemn themselves. How sad is this lament over Jerusalem! The yearning love which longed to intercept her descending judgment, as the hen the stroke of danger which menaces her brood, was about to be withdrawn. After striving His best to save them, the world’s Redeemer was abandoning His people to the results of their sin, until the time spoken of in Zec 14:1-4 . Oh my soul, see that thou art hidden under those wings, until all calamities are overpast and the day has broken!