Luke 13:10
Good Work for the Sabbath Luk 13:10-17 There was in this woman a noble principle which led her to persevere in attending God’s house, although there was much to discourage her. Probably she was animated by a faith which made her specially susceptible to the healing word of Christ. Infirmity of any kind should drive us to the house of God. We shall meet Jesus there. When He says, loosed, all the powers of hell cannot bind us down. “He breaks the power of cancelled sin.” The charge of Sabbath-breaking by these men was very unreasonable, because on that very morning each of them had unloosened his beast to lead him to the wellhead. And if it was not wrong, in their judgment, to untie a beast, surely it would not be wrong to untie the knotted disease that bound this woman’s head to her feet by an invisible thong! Great human needs must have precedence over the observance of details of ritual.