Ambassadors for Christ 2Co 5:20-21 ; 2Co 6:1-10 On God’s side the work of reconciliation is complete. Everything has been done and is in readiness to make forgiveness and justifying righteousness possible as soon as a penitent soul asks for them. He only waits for us to make application for our share in the atonement of Calvary. Many as our trespasses have been, they are not reckoned to us, because they were reckoned to Christ. God wants this known, and so from age to age sends out ambassadors to announce these terms and urge men to accept them. God sends none forth to entreat men without cooperating with them. When rain falls on a slab of rock, it falls in vain. Be not rock, but loam to the gentle fall of God’s grace. Let none of us be stumbling-blocks by the inconsistencies of our character, but all of us stepping-stones and ascending stairways for other souls. The three marvelous series of paradoxes in 2Co 6:4-10 deserve careful pondering. The first series enumerates Paul’s sufferings on behalf of the Gospel; the second, his behavior under them; the third, the contrast between appearance and reality, as judged respectively by time and eternity. The stoic bears life’s sorrows with compressed lips; the Christian, with a smile. Let us be always rejoicing, many enriching, and all things possessing.