2 Corinthians 7:5
the Joyous Effect of Godly Sorrow 2Co 7:5-16 After dispatching his first Epistle, with the strong words of 2Co 5:1-21 and elsewhere, Paul’s tender heart had been rent with anxiety lest the Corinthian church should resent its terms and be alienated from his friendship. But when Titus joined him in Macedonia, bringing the assurance of their deep repentance and unabated affection, he was profoundly comforted and gladdened. He felt also that their sorrow was of the true and genuine sort, which does not consist of mere mortification at being found out or of the dread of punishment, but which implies a profound hatred of sin as grieving the Holy Savior and unworthy of His precious blood. This sorrow does not need to be repented of; these tears do not require to be cleansed. Godly sorrow accepts rebuke meekly, puts away the wrong, and with chastened steps comes again into the way of the sacred Cross. Titus had imbibed much of Paul’s spirit. It is interesting to notice that though he was a companion and messenger of the Apostle, even his spirit could be in need of refreshment, 2Co 7:13 ; and Paul was pleased that his own anticipations had been realized in the response of his friends at Corinth. Here beats the heart of a true pastor, whose whole soul is wrapped up in the interests of his charge!