Enriched unto Liberality 2Co 9:8-15 We are not really poorer by what we give away; and God will never starve His own almoners. Note the comprehensiveness of 2Co 9:8 . God’s grace is like an ocean at full tide. Count the alls: all grace, always, all sufficiency, every good work, and twice the verb abound. When you are going forth to sow, ask God to give you the seed. When after sowing you are hungry, ask God to supply you with bread. When you are discouraged at the results, ask God to increase the fruit. We sow the seed, whether of the gospel, or of money to aid its circulation, and lo! we reap a harvest of thanksgiving to God and of love to those who have given. But who can ever measure the thanks and love which are due to God for having given the Gift that includes all gifts! But have we accepted it? Do we use it? Remember to look to God for your own supplies of spiritual nourishment, and specially for your seed of thought or money, of word or act. Leave the increase with Him. Hold all that God has given you as a trustee holds property for others. Administer God’s good gifts, giving people continual cause to glorify and praise Him for your exhibition of the essential nature of His holy gospel.