“Finally, Be Strong in the Lord” Eph 6:13-24 Many would be strong, but fail because they forget that they can be effectively so only “in the Lord, and in the strength of His might.” Paul had a very vivid conception of the powerful forces that are arrayed against the Church. He is not dealing here especially with our personal temptations, but with those hosts of wicked spirits that lie behind the evil of the world. It is probable that the vast systems which oppose the gospel-the philosophies, temples, and priests of false religions; the trade in strong drink, impurity, and like evils; and such iniquitous institutions as the system of indentured slavery-are directly promoted and furthered by the agency of evil spirits in arms against God. We must be pure and holy, if we are to prevail against evil; and especially must we give ourselves to prayer. To prevail in this warfare we must diligently employ the weapon of all prayer. Tychicus carried this letter. He was faithful to the end, Act 20:4 ; 2Ti 4:12 . The Epistle closes, as it began, with uncorrupted, that is, pure and eternal, love. Alford says, “This is the only truth worthy to be the crown and climax of this glorious Epistle.”