Deuteronomy 1:1
Moses Recalls the Start from Horeb Deu 1:1-18 To this new generation Moses spake the holy law of God, since they had not heard it at Sinai. In view of the great Lawgiver’s approaching decease, it was necessary to re-edit it. The name of this book means the second giving of the Law. The Red Sea in Deu 1:1 , a.v., must be replaced by Suph, r.v. Evidently it was somewhere in the neighborhood of Pisgah. It is meet for us on a birthday, or some such anniversary, to review the way that the Lord our God has conducted us. He is the God of our fathers, and of the Covenant. Before us is set the land of our inheritance. God calls us to go in and possess it. He hath “blessed us with all spiritual blessingsā€¦ in Christ,” but we must appropriate and possess by faith. And the faith that claims depends on the obedience that conforms to the divine Law, Eph 1:3 ; 2Pe 1:3 .