Deuteronomy 28:1
Blessings upon the Obedient Deu 28:1-19 A remarkable chapter! The epitome of what Israel might have been, contrasted with what she became! It is on account of the transgressions that the centuries have augmented her sum of misery. Oh, that we may never have to lament what we might have been! These opening verses contain the Beatitudes of the Old Testament. They have their counterparts in the New. Remember that God bends over your life, rejoicing to do you good, and finding pleasure in whatever may enrich your life or flow through it to enrich others. Ask especially that in His great power and grace He shall smite your enemies before you, and establish you unto himself, and open to you His good treasure. If you are in Christ, all things are yours. Possess your possessions, 1Co 3:21-22 ; Oba 1:17 ; Oba 1:19-20 .