Deuteronomy 29:14
the Penalty of Serving False Gods Deu 29:14-29 Deu 29:15 clearly refers to the future generations, who were included in this solemn act. The word “gall,” Deu 29:18 , indicates the poisonous character of idolatry. The application of this passage to any man who falls short of the grace of God shows that the tendency to idolatry has its root in the apostasy of the heart, Heb 12:15 . We cannot say that religion is a matter of indifference; or, if we say it, we are destined to a terrible awakening. A man may say, “I shall have peace,” etc ., Deu 29:19 , but there is no peace short of the peace of God, Isa 48:22 ; Rom 5:1-2 . With respect to Deu 29:24 , the infidel Volney wrote of the present condition of Palestine: “Why is not the ancient population reproduced and perpetuated? God has doubtless pronounced a secret malediction against this land.” This is one of His “secret things!” Compare Deu 29:29 with Rom 11:33 .