Deuteronomy 29:1
the Covenant that Brings Prosperity Deu 29:1-13 In one great final convocation Moses rehearsed the Covenant, and endeavored to bind the people to its provisions. It becomes us all from time to time to look into the vows that we have made, reviewing them to see if we have carefully observed and kept our pledges. We need also to enlarge their scope as one new department after another is added to the experience of our souls. A review also of God’s great love and care through past years should constrain us, as by the mercies of God, to present ourselves anew to Him, as a “living sacrifice,” Rom 12:1-2 . Notice the double aspect of Deu 29:12-13 . It is not enough for us to be willing to enter into a covenant with God and to take His oath; we need that God should establish us unto Himself that we may become His peculiar people. The established heart and character are the very special gifts of the Holy Spirit, 1Th 3:13 , 1Pe 5:10 .