Deuteronomy 3:1
the Inheritance of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh Deu 3:1-22 Sihon’s defeat, described in the previous chapter, compelled his ally Og to take the field and oppose the further advance of Israel. “ He came out ” against them. Perhaps also Jos 24:12 affords a clue. Swarms of hornets harassed him and his people, and drove them out of their stone houses and fortifications; they preferred meeting the chosen race in the open to the scourge of these formidable creatures. When God says, “Fear not,” He fights on our side. Recent discoveries confirm these references to the many stone cities of Bashan, mentioned in Deu 3:4 . The country is covered with ruins. Porter says that 500 ruined places attest the might of the Amorites. The royal bedstead is thought to mean coffin or bier. Its length of 13 1/2 feet would infer a stature of 11 or 12 feet. These victories opened fertile and beautiful pasture-lands, including Hermon and Gilead. “The Lord delivered… and we took.”