Deuteronomy 31:30
Moses’ Song: the Lord’s Favor upon Israel Deu 31:30 ; Deu 32:1-14 The song of Moses, like the fabled song of the swan, was his last and sweetest. It is probably the noblest ode in the whole compass of the Bible, and is the source from which subsequent singers derived suggestions for their noblest outbursts. The marginal references prove how deeply it dyed the national sentiment. It excels in the names and designations of the Almighty. He is the Rock: Deu 31:4 ; Deu 31:15 ; Deu 31:18 ; Deu 31:30 ; Jehovah: Deu 31:6 ; Father: Deu 31:6 ; the Most High: Deu 31:8 ; God: El, the strong, Deu 31:15 , etc . What a study are the names of God, scattered through the Bible! Each was coined to meet some need of the human soul. What the rocks of the desert are to its shifting sands God is amid the changes of this mortal existence. This earlier part of the song is very tender. We are God’s portion; the apple of His eye; as young eaglets, whom the mother-bird is carefully teaching to fly, the favored recipients of God’s richest gifts, Deu 31:13 , etc .