Deuteronomy 5:1
the Decalogue Repeated Deu 5:1-21 The Law of God is for “ all Israel.” None are exempt. “Not with our fathers” means not with them only; Moses also uses the expression because many of the references of the Decalogue were to the settled life of Canaan. “Face to face,” not in dark visions, but clearly and lucidly, Job 4:12-13 . Our “face-to-face” vision is yet to come, 1Co 13:12 ; Rev 22:4 . Notice in Deu 5:5 the ideal mediator, Gal 3:19 ; 1Ti 2:5 . Every soul has two givings of the Law. First, we stand under Sinai to be judged, condemned, and shut up to Christ as our only hope; then we come to it a second time, asking that the Holy Spirit should write it in our hearts, and make us to walk in obedience to its precepts, Gal 3:23 ; Rom 8:4 . Adolphe Monod, on his death-bed, said: “Sin has two divisions; the evil that we have done and the good that we have left undone. As to the first, there is not a single command that I have not transgressed in letter or spirit; as to the second, it weighs on me even more than the first.”