Deuteronomy 5:22
Moses between God and the People Deu 5:22-33 “He added no more”- i.e., the Law is perfect. It is written in stone, and therefore is permanent. When the conscience has not learned the efficacy of the blood of Jesus it shrinks from contact with God’s holiness, Deu 5:24-26 . But such fear does not save us from going back to our calf-making and license. Turn from Moses to our blessed Lord, who went into the middle of the thunder and lightning which our sin had incurred. On Him the full force of the storm broke, and we were delivered. Adolphe Monod said: “I have a firm and peaceful confidence in the redemption of Jesus Christ, in His blood and sacrifice, accepted before God, taking the place of the good which I have not done and repairing the evil that I have done.” Note the yearning of Deu 5:29 . It repeats itself elsewhere, Isa 48:18 ; Mat 23:37 . See also Eze 36:26 .