Deuteronomy 6:20
No Compromise with Idolatry Deu 6:20-25 ; Deu 7:1-11 The great Lawgiver had His eye constantly on the coming generation. It is good when the children are so arrested by our religious life, that they come to ask us to tell them the reasons that account for it. Seek to live so purely and devoutly, and yet so attractively, that the young people around will be compelled to inquire after your secret, Luk 11:1 . We are not only to teach the children, but to guard them against forming friendships and making marriage alliances with those who might divert them from God. In the New Testament, Christians are forbidden to marry except “in the Lord,” and equally stringent are prohibitions against worldly intercourse, 1Co 7:39 ; 2Co 6:14 . God can break the seven-fold power of sin in the heart of those who are absolutely given over to Him and are willing to surrender their evil ways. This is pledged to us by His fidelity and love, Deu 7:8-9 .