Avoiding Errors Col 2:13-23 The reiteration of the prepositions in and with emphasizes our close identification with our Savior. Such we are in the purpose of God, and so we should be in daily experience. In union with Him we have once and forever put away the sins of the flesh, have lain in His grave, have passed to the heavenside of death, and are living under the blue sky of acceptance with God. Our Master’s victory is potentially ours. He won it, but we may share its fruits. Yet faith must apprehend and affirm these blessings. The land of Canaan is ours by right, but every inch has to be claimed by faith. “Faith is an affirmation and act that bids eternal truth be fact.” We must not allow our religious life to become a piece of outward ritual, Col 2:16-17 ; nor permit the supposed mediation of angels to obscure the supreme majesty of our Lord, Col 2:18-19 . We who have died with Christ must not be always regulating ourselves by the don’ts of the Law. Let us enter Christ’s more intimate fellowship and live on the positive side. Ours should be the freedom of a full life, and the ampler vision of the mountains. Nothing else really avails against the indulgence of the flesh.