“The Lord Stood by Me” 2Ti 4:13-22 The winter was approaching, and the Apostle would be glad of his cloak amid the damp of the Mamertine prison. Evidently his arrest under Nero’s orders had been so sudden and peremptory that he was not allowed to go into his lodgings for this and other possessions, such as the books mentioned in 2Ti 4:13 . He had made his first appearance before Nero, and was expecting a further appearance to receive his sentence. But the Lord was with him, and his comfort was that he had proclaimed the gospel to the highest audience in the world of his time. His one thought always was that the gospel should be heard by men, whether they would hear or forbear. If that were secured, he did not count the cost to himself. The lion may stand for Nero or Satan. See Luk 22:31 ; 1Pe 5:8 . From 2Ti 4:20 we gather that miraculous gifts of healing, of which Paul was possessed, may not be used merely for friendship’s sake, but only where the progress of the gospel requires them.