The Victor’s Final Charge 2Ti 4:1-12 To the end Paul held to the appearing of Jesus, though he might not live to see it; and it was to precede and usher in the coming of the Kingdom. The world of that time was sad and sick, and Paul’s sole panacea was the preaching of the gospel. 2Ti 4:2 , do not only take opportunities, but make them. 2Ti 4:3 , make haste; such opportunities are closing in. Sound throughout these Pastoral Epistles means “healthy” and “health-giving.” Note that striking phrase of the itching ears , which turn in every direction where they may obtain momentary relief. 2Ti 4:5 , be on the alert! Fulfill , that is, work to the edge of your pattern. With what pathetic words Paul refers to his approaching death! He regarded his life-blood as about to be poured out as a libation, 2Ti 4:6 , r.v., margin. The time had come for him to go on board the good ship which was waiting in the offing to sail at sunset for its port of glory. He was a veteran who had fought valiantly and successfully-keeping the faith as in the old Roman story the heroes kept the bridge. But he was soon to be relieved. The crown at the end of the course was already in sight. He was lonely- only Luke is with me . He needed to be ministered unto- take Mark . But his courage was unabated. Demas might forsake, but Christ failed not.