Resisting the Devil 1Pe 5:8-14 We hear of the adversary in Zec 3:1 . The enemy of Christ desires to hurt the Shepherd by injuring His flock. The hunger of a lion for his prey is an emblem of the insatiable desire of our spiritual foes for our undoing. Walketh about -temptation never assails us long from the same quarter. Perhaps the figure of a roaring lion suggests an outburst of persecution, which made timid people tremble. See 2Ti 4:17 . All grace is in God for every hour and need, 1Pe 5:10 . We too are called to His eternal glory through Christ. The path of suffering, and that path alone, leads to the world where suffering is unknown. The suffering is only for a little while. Perfect , that nothing be lacking; stablish , that we may not waver; strengthen , that we may stand and withstand. Silvanus is Silas, 1Pe 5:12 . He was a man to be trusted. Peter’s theme was grace. So he began, so he finishes; and from the church in the literal Babylon, or in Rome, Rev 14:8 , where he and Mark were living and working, he sends this message of grace, and love and peace.