the Dark Way of Animalism 2Pe 2:12-22 The description of these false teachers is terrific! They are slaves to their brute instincts. They are as abusive as they are ignorant. They destroy and will be destroyed. They feast daintily in the broad daylight, instead of leading abstemious and sober lives. With them, the very church feasts were occasions for self-indulgence. Their eyes never ceased from the sin against which the Lord warns us in Mat 5:28 . Balaam is an awful example of such, torn, as he was, between the celestial vision of his spirit and the sensual appetite of his soul. The will of man, as in Balaam’s case, is always poising itself between its knowledge of good and evil and its strong bias toward evil. Only the help of God can correct this. Let us “who are just escaping,” 2Pe 2:18 , r.v., from the meshes of the world, beware lest we be caught in the guiles and nets of false teaching, which would drag us back into the evils of the worldly life. It is in our heart-felt union with the Lord Jesus Christ alone that we can be permanently secure.