Revelation 2:12
Beware of Evil Teachers Rev 2:12-17 Notice the Lord’s commendation of the church at Pergamos (from which we get our word parchment ). He recognizes their peculiar dangers and their difficulties- where Satan’s seat is . It was an honorable thing to have held fast Christ’s name under such circumstances. To hold fast His name is to be loyal to Him in all circumstances. Not to deny His faith is to hold fast to the essential facts and doctrines of primitive Christianity, undeterred by the blandishments or threats of the world. For the doctrine of Balaam, we must turn to Numbers, Num 22:1-41 ; Num 23:1-30 ; Num 24:1-25 , and then especially to Num 25:1 and Num 31:16 . Balaam had failed to curse, but though he had thereby forfeited his prestige and payment, he won them back by advising Balak to corrupt the morals of Israel and so break their union with Jehovah. The Nicolaitanes apparently promulgated similar tenets, and in their proud and wealthy city were prepared to admit orthodoxy of doctrine so long as it was combined with laxity of morals. But Christ cannot for a moment tolerate such a conjunction. His judgment sword must vindicate the purity of His Church.