Revelation 20:7
Before the Great White Throne Rev 20:7-15 Gog and Magog take us back to Gen 10:2 ; see also Eze 38:1-23 ; Eze 39:1-29 . It would seem that this great confederacy of the northern nations against the beloved city, Jerusalem, will be led by Satan, and overwhelmed once and for all by the direct judgment of God. The final judgment is depicted in Rev 20:11-15 . God’s people will not appear at that bar. All the human family will be arraigned, save those whose names are in the book of life, Joh 5:24 . See Exo 32:32 ; Dan 12:1 ; Phi 4:3 ; and Rev 21:27 . Death and Hades will surrender their contents. What a marvelous audience! The throne is great , because of the destinies to be decided; and white , because of the immaculate purity of the Judge, who will be none other than our Lord. See Joh 5:22 ; Act 17:31 . The books will surely include conscience; Rom 2:15-16 ; God’s Word, Joh 12:48 ; and the tablets of memory, Luk 16:25 .