“Come, Lord Jesus” Rev 22:10-21 Still , four times repeated, implies the crystallization and permanence of character. The rewards mentioned here are for the faithful service of Christ’s stewards, as in Mat 25:21 . For the fourth time, He who began the book and closes it, uses of Himself the divine monogram of Alpha and Omega, Rev 1:8 ; Rev 1:11 ; Rev 21:6 . In the Authorized Version the way to the tree of life was opened to those who kept the commandments, but it is very comforting to read in the Revised Version that this blessed privilege is for those “who wash their robes.” Notice the combination of various titles in Christ: David’s Lord and David’s Son; the Morning Star and the Sun of Heaven’s Day; the Coming One, for whose quick return the whole creation waits; and the Water of Life, of which whosoever will may drink. The appeal of Rev 22:17 is to our Lord, asking Him to make haste to come, and it is answered in Rev 22:20 . But who shall tell whether that cry may not, sooner than we think, be answered by a spiritual transformation of the things seen and temporal, so that without a break, in the twinkling of an eye, the veil of matter may be rent, and the whole imminent glory of the unseen and eternal swim into view! Let us be on the alert!