Revelation 3:1
“Establish the Things That Remain” Rev 3:1-6 In other addresses to the churches our Lord began with commendation, but no such word is here. He is described in the fullness of His glorious nature, but this church is full of unfulfilled works. What a striking phrase and how true! We begin and do not finish, skirt the edges but do not penetrate to the heart, are superficial and fragmentary. How few can say with the Master, “I have finished the work”; and of how few it can be said, as by Paul of the Baptist, “He fulfilled his course”! Act 13:25 . There are four evidences of spiritual life. In a living church there will be growth, compassion, unity, and love; and the Lord missed all these and bitterly lamented their absence. Of what use was the fig tree to abate His hunger, when it bore leaves but no fruit? Amid all this disappointing formalism, there were a few live souls who fulfilled their works and did not defile their robes. Does not this suggest the Transfiguration? On the holy mount, the homely garments of Jesus shone with light; and so the inner purity of the saint shines through and glorifies His simplest acts. The holiness we love in this life shall be rewarded by the white robes, Christ’s acknowledgment, and the deeds of heavenly citizenship.