Psalm 38:2-8
For Your arrows have sunk into me, and Your hand has pressed down on me.
There is no soundness in my body because of Your indignation; there is no health in my bones because of my sin.
For my sins have flooded over my head; they are a burden too heavy for me to bear.
My wounds are foul and festering because of my foolishness.
I am bent over and brought low; all day long I go around in mourning.
For my loins are full of burning pain, and there is no health in my body.
I am faint and severely crushed; I groan because of the anguish of my heart.
Psalm 39:10
Remove Your torment from me; I fade away because of the force of Your hand.
Psalm 39:11
You discipline a man with punishment for sin, consuming like a moth what is precious to him; every man is a mere vapor. Selah
1 Samuel 5:6
The LORD severely oppressed the people of Ashdod, terrorizing and afflicting the people of Ashdod and its territory with tumors.
1 Samuel 5:7
When the men of Ashdod saw what was happening, they said, "The ark of Israel's God must not stay here with us, because His hand is severe against us and our god Dagon."
1 Samuel 5:9
After they had moved it, the LORD's hand was against the city of Gath, causing a great panic. He afflicted the men of the city, from the youngest to the oldest, with an outbreak of tumors.
1 Samuel 5:11
The Ekronites called all the Philistine rulers together. They said, "Send the ark of Israel's God away. It must return to its place so it won't kill us and our people!" For the fear of death pervaded the city; God's hand was very heavy there.
1 Samuel 6:9
Then watch: If it goes up the road to its homeland toward Beth-shemesh, it is the LORD who has made this terrible trouble for us. However, if it doesn't, we will know that it was not His hand that punished us-- it was just something that happened to us by chance."
Job 16:21
I wish that someone might arbitrate between a man and God just as a man [pleads] for his friend.
Job 33:7
Fear of me should not terrify you; the pressure I exert against you will be light.
Psalm 22:15
My strength is dried up like baked clay; my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth. You put me into the dust of death.
Psalm 90:6
in the morning it sprouts and grows; by evening it withers and dries up.
Psalm 90:7
For we are consumed by Your anger; we are terrified by Your wrath.
Psalm 102:3
For my days vanish like smoke, and my bones burn like a furnace.
Psalm 102:4
My heart is afflicted, withered like grass; I even forget to eat my food.
Job 30:30
My skin blackens and flakes off, and my bones burn with fever.
Lamentations 4:8
[Now] they appear darker than soot; they are not recognized in the streets. Their skin has shriveled on their bones; it has become dry like wood.
Lamentations 5:10
Our skin is as hot as an oven from the ravages of hunger.