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my pain
Jeremiah 14:19
Have You completely rejected Judah? Do You detest Zion? Why do You strike us with no hope of healing for us? We hoped for peace, but there was nothing good; for a time of healing, but there was only terror.
Psalm 6:3
my whole being is shaken with terror. And You, Lord-- how long?
Psalm 13:1-3
[For the choir director. A Davidic psalm.] LORD, how long will You continually forget me? How long will You hide Your face from me?
How long will I store up anxious concerns within me, agony in my mind every day? How long will my enemy dominate me?
Consider me and answer, LORD, my God. Restore brightness to my eyes; otherwise, I will sleep in death,
Lamentations 3:1-18
I am the man who has seen affliction under the rod of God's wrath.
He has driven me away and forced [me] to walk in darkness instead of light.
Yes, He repeatedly turns His hand against me all day long.
He has worn away my flesh and skin; He has shattered my bones.
He has laid siege against me, encircling me with bitterness and hardship.
He has made me dwell in darkness like those who have been dead for ages.
He has walled me in so I cannot escape; He has weighed me down with chains.
Even when I cry out and plead for help, He rejects my prayer.
He has walled in my ways with cut stones; He has made my paths crooked.
He is a bear waiting in ambush, a lion in hiding;
He forced me off my way and tore me to pieces; He left me desolate.
He bent His bow and set me as the target for His arrow.
He pierced my kidneys with His arrows.
I am a laughingstock to all my people, mocked by their songs all day long.
He filled me with bitterness, sated me with wormwood.
He ground my teeth on gravel and made me cower in the dust.
My soul has been deprived of peace; I have forgotten what happiness is.
Then I thought: My future is lost, as well as my hope from the LORD.
my wound
Jeremiah 30:12
For this is what the LORD says: Your injury is incurable; your wound most severe.
Jeremiah 30:15
Why do you cry out about your injury? Your pain has no cure! I have done these things to you because of your enormous guilt and your innumerable sins.
Job 34:6
Would I lie about my case? My wound is incurable, though I am without transgression."
Micah 1:9
For her wound is incurable and has reached even Judah; it has approached the gate of my people, as far as Jerusalem.
as a
Jeremiah 1:18
Today, I am the One who has made you a fortified city, an iron pillar, and bronze walls against the whole land-- against the kings of Judah, its officials, its priests, and the population.
Jeremiah 1:19
They will fight against you but never prevail over you, since I am with you to rescue you." [This is] the LORD's declaration.
Jeremiah 20:7
You deceived me, LORD, and I was deceived. You seized me and prevailed. I am a laughingstock all the time; everyone ridicules me.
and as
Jeremiah 14:3
Their nobles send their servants for water. They go to the cisterns; they find no water; their containers return empty. They are ashamed and humiliated; they cover their heads.
Job 6:15-20
My brothers are as treacherous as a wadi, as seasonal streams that overflow
and become darkened because of ice, and the snow melts into them.
The wadis evaporate in warm weather; they disappear from their channels in hot weather.
Caravans turn away from their routes, go up into the desert, and perish.
The caravans of Tema look [for these streams]. The traveling merchants of Sheba hope for them.
They are ashamed because they had been confident [of finding water]. When they arrive there, they are frustrated.