and thresh
Isaiah 41:15
See, I will make you into a sharp threshing board, new, with many teeth. You will thresh mountains and pulverize [them], and make hills like chaff.
Isaiah 41:16
You will winnow them and a wind will carry them away, and a gale will scatter them. But you will rejoice in the LORD; you will boast in the Holy One of Israel.
Jeremiah 51:33
For this is what the LORD of Hosts, the God of Israel, says: The daughter of Babylon is like a threshing floor at the time it is trampled. In just a little while her harvest time will come.
Deuteronomy 33:25
May the bolts of your gate be iron and bronze, and your strength last as long as you live.
Isaiah 5:28
Their arrows are sharpened, and all their bows strung. Their horses' hooves are like flint; their [chariot] wheels are like a whirlwind.
thou shalt
Micah 5:8-15
Then the remnant of Jacob will be among the nations, among many peoples, like a lion among animals of the forest, like a young lion among flocks of sheep, which tramples and tears as it passes through, and there is no one to rescue [them].
Your hand will be lifted up against your adversaries, and all your enemies will be destroyed.
In that day-- the LORD's declaration-- I will remove your horses from you and wreck your chariots.
I will remove the cities of your land and tear down all your fortresses.
I will remove sorceries from your hands, and you will not have any more fortune-tellers.
I will remove your carved images and sacred pillars from you, so that you will not bow down again to the work of your hands.
I will pull up the Asherah poles from among you and demolish your cities.
I will take vengeance in anger and wrath against the nations that have not obeyed [Me].
Daniel 2:44
"In the days of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, and this kingdom will not be left to another people. It will crush all these kingdoms and bring them to an end, but will itself endure forever.
Zechariah 9:13-15
For I will bend Judah [as My bow]; I will fill that bow with Ephraim. I will rouse your sons, Zion, against your sons, Greece. I will make you like a warrior's sword.
Then the LORD will appear over them, and His arrow will fly like lightning. The Lord God will sound the trumpet and advance with the southern storms.
The LORD of Hosts will defend them. They will consume and conquer with slingstones; they will drink and be rowdy as if with wine. They will be as full as the sprinkling basin, like [those] at the corners of the altar.
Revelation 2:26
The victor and the one who keeps My works to the end: I will give him authority over the nations--
Revelation 2:27
and He will shepherd them with an iron scepter; He will shatter them like pottery-- just as I have received [this] from My Father.
I will consecrate
Joshua 6:19
For all the silver and gold, and the articles of bronze and iron, are dedicated to the LORD and must go into the LORD's treasury."
2 Samuel 8:10
he sent his son Joram to King David to greet him and to congratulate him because David had fought against Hadadezer and defeated him, for Toi and Hadadezer had fought many wars. Joram had items of silver, gold, and bronze with him.
2 Samuel 8:11
King David also dedicated these to the LORD, along with the silver and gold he had dedicated from all the nations he had subdued--
Psalm 68:29
Because of Your temple at Jerusalem, kings will bring tribute to You.
Psalm 72:10
May the kings of Tarshish and the coasts and islands bring tribute, the kings of Sheba and Seba offer gifts.
Isaiah 18:7
At that time a gift will be brought to the LORD of Hosts from a people tall and smooth-skinned, a people feared near and far, a powerful nation with a strange language, whose land is divided by rivers-- to Mount Zion, the place of the name of the LORD of Hosts.
Isaiah 23:18
But her profits and wages will be dedicated to the LORD. They will not be stored or saved, for her profit will go to those who live in the LORD's presence, to provide them with ample food and sacred clothing.
Isaiah 60:6-9
Caravans of camels will cover your land-- young camels of Midian and Ephah-- all of them will come from Sheba. They will carry gold and frankincense and proclaim the praises of the LORD.
All the flocks of Kedar will be gathered to you; the rams of Nebaioth will serve you and go up on My altar as an acceptable [sacrifice]. I will glorify My beautiful house.
Who are these who fly like a cloud, like doves to their shelters?
Yes, the islands will wait for Me with the ships of Tarshish in the lead, to bring your children from far away, their silver and gold with them, for the honor of the LORD your God, the Holy One of Israel, who has glorified you.
Romans 15:25-28
Now, however, I am traveling to Jerusalem to serve the saints;
for Macedonia and Achaia were pleased to make a contribution to the poor among the saints in Jerusalem.
Yes, they were pleased, and they are indebted to them. For if the Gentiles have shared in their spiritual benefits, then they are obligated to minister to Jews in material needs.
So when I have finished this and safely delivered the funds to them, I will go by way of you to Spain.
1 Corinthians 16:2
On the first day of the week, each of you is to set something aside and save to the extent that he prospers, so that no collections will need to be made when I come.
Revelation 21:24-26
The nations will walk in its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their glory into it.
Each day its gates will never close because it will never be night there.
They will bring the glory and honor of the nations into it.
the Lord of
Zechariah 4:14
"These are the two anointed ones," he said, "who stand by the Lord of the whole earth."
Zechariah 6:5
The angel told me, "These are the four spiritsof heaven going out after presenting themselves to the Lord of the whole earth.