Leviticus 5:1-4
"When someone sins [in any of these ways]: [If] he has seen, heard, or known about something he has witnessed, and did not respond to a public call to testify, he is guilty.
Or [if] someone touches anything unclean-- a carcass of an unclean wild animal, or unclean livestock, or an unclean swarming creature-- without being aware of it, he is unclean and guilty.
Or [if] he touches human uncleanness-- any uncleanness by which one can become defiled-- without being aware of it, but [later] recognizes [it], he is guilty.
Or [if] someone swears rashly to do what is good or evil-- concerning anything a person may speak rashly in an oath-- without being aware of it, but [later] recognizes it, he incurs guilt in such an instance.
Leviticus 5:17-4
Leviticus 6:2
"When someone sins and offends the LORD by deceiving his neighbor in regard to a deposit, a security, or a robbery; or defrauds his neighbor;
Leviticus 6:3
or finds something lost and lies about it; or swears falsely about any of the sinful things a person may do--