the sodden
Leviticus 8:31
Moses said to Aaron and his sons, "Boil the meat at the entrance to the tent of meeting and eat it there with the bread that is in the basket for the ordination offering as I commanded: Aaron and his sons are to eat it.
1 Samuel 2:15
Even before the fat was burned, the priest's servant would come and say to the man who was sacrificing, "Give the priest [some] meat to roast, because he won't accept boiled meat from you-- only raw."
put them
Exodus 29:23-28
take one loaf of bread, one cake of bread [made] with oil, and one wafer from the basket of unleavened bread that is before the LORD;
and put all of them in the hands of Aaron and his sons and wave them as a presentation offering before the LORD.
Take them from their hands and burn [them] on the altar on top of the burnt offering, as a pleasing aroma before the LORD; it is a fire offering to the LORD.
"Take the breast from the ram of Aaron's ordination and wave it as a presentation offering before the LORD; it is to be your portion.
Consecrate for Aaron and his sons the breast of the presentation offering that is waved and the thigh of the contribution that is lifted up from the ram of ordination.
This will belong to Aaron and his sons as a regular portion from the Israelites, for it is a contribution. It will be the Israelites' contribution from their fellowship sacrifices, their contribution to the LORD.
Leviticus 7:30
His own hands will bring the fire offerings to the LORD. He will bring the fat together with the breast. The breast is to be waved as a presentation offering before the LORD.
Leviticus 8:27
He put all [these] in the hands of Aaron and his sons and waved them before the LORD as a presentation offering.