This Weekend

Creek's End Family & Friends,

EASTER WON’T LOOK NORMAL THIS YEAR. Is it okay to just acknowledge that for a minute and be disappointed? I will miss gathering together with my family and my church family. I will miss the sounds of our voices coming together in praise and worship of the resurrected King. No, Easter will not look like it did last year.

But here’s why I’m okay with it. Just in the last few weeks, thousands and thousands of people have been watching church online. Many of them have turned to Christ for their salvation. Many have rediscovered their faith. God is doing what He’s always done. Maybe our methods have changed, but the message is still the same. Our buildings may be empty, but thousands are just a click away from hearing the Gospel.

I refuse to believe that God is small in all this. I believe He is magnified through all this. Now we aren’t bound by mobility or space or time. People from different backgrounds, races, and nationalities – people we could never reach in person – will be tuned in to OUR church this Easter. This could be the biggest and best Easter we’ve ever had.

The Good News of Jesus will not be stopped. So let’s remember our mission is still the same – to lead people into a real, healthy, and growing relationship with God. Prepare your hearts to celebrate the resurrection. Invite others to join us online. Pray for all who are watching and listening. Worship with us online this Easter!

Here is what is happening at Creek’s End…


Good Friday is a time to reflect upon the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. He paid the debt for our sins and died in our place. We invite you to set up your own "Stations of the Cross" in your home and reflect upon the mercies of God. Here's a helpful guide to Observance of Good Friday / Stations of the Cross.


Most people would define love as an emotion - affection, passion, or tenderness. The Bible, however, describes love in terms of sacrificial actions. Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends”. That verse is the story of Easter. Easter Sunday is an extra special time at Creek’s End, and we want you to be a part of it. Our Live Stream service will be at 11:00 AM. Please prepare for Easter Communion in your home with a cup of grape juice (or something similar) and some pieces of bread or crackers. The elements don’t matter, it’s the actions of the heart as we remember what He did for us on the cross. During the Live Stream, I will guide you and your family as we partake in communion. Let’s celebrate Easter together with “GREATER LOVE”.


On our website we have made it easy to access materials that are available for Sunday as we worship from home. This link SUNDAY RESOURCES will take you to all the links you need – Sermon notes, notes for kids, Bible Study video, Live Stream, prayer requests, and online giving.


Can God be good when life is not? A pandemic has swept our land and many find themselves sick. Many have lost loved ones. Millions have lost their jobs. When life hits hard, it plunges us into a sea of questions we hoped we'd never have to ask. But when you feel broken, abandoned, and struggling to find answers, there's a beacon in the storm. A message series focusing on the book of Habakkuk, “TRUST THE PROCESS” shows us how we can cling to God even when our circumstances are overwhelming because He will carry us through the storm.


As far as we know, Kids Camp 2020 is at Camp Overflow in Trinity Pines from June 27 - July 1. Cost is $275 per child. Spots are limited. Your child’s spot can be saved with a $50 deposit due by May 1, 2020. Contact Kailyn Martin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. Kid’s Camp is for kids who have completed 3rd – 5th grades. You can sign up and pay at this link: KIDS CAMP 2020


We’ve begun registration for Summer Camp! As far as we know the dates for camp are still July 20th-24th. To reserve your student’s spot, a $50 deposit is due now. There are a limited number of spots (20 left) so sign up and pay the deposit ASAP. You may sign up online or in the Warehouse on Wednesdays and Sundays. For more info contact Josh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The dates this year for our annual Haiti trip are August 14-19. You are invited to join us on this life changing experiencing of defending the orphan with Coreluv and Creek’s End. Sign up online or contact Ben & Brittney Belk
at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

See you this weekend,