Pulse Sermons

I Pledge Allegiance

Remember saying the pledge of allegiance? Throughout our life we will express allegiance to many things. My allegiances lie with Texas, USA, my family, and the Houston Texans! But are those allegiances unshakeable? What if the Texans move to Tennessee? (Ouch Oilers) When I was in junior high I declared my allegiance as a Garth Brooks fan. Then he left his wife. My world was crushed. The question we have to answer is where are my allegiances and are they worthy? Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer had to deal with this very question while living in Nazi Germany. He had to decide: Am I German first or Christian first? We must do the same. Romans 11:33-36 show us that God is worthy of our allegiance! Take a minute and read those verses before moving on. Let the greatness of God blow you away!

Now read verse 36 and consider the following:

  1. He is the source of our existence (from Him)
  2. He is the sustainer of our being (through Him)
  3. He is the supreme goal of our actions (to Him)
  4. He is the subject of our worship (to Him be the Glory! Amen!)

Take a second and re-center your allegiances on the one who is worthy!

The Inner Circle

In high school I was kind of the teacher’s pet in Band (roll your eye and giggle now). This afforded me certain privileges. Namely, he gave me a stack of hall passes to use at my discretion. Gold in the hands of a 16 year old. There are benefits to being in the inner circle. Last week we discussed our adoption by God, we are forever in the inner circle. While God may not give you a stack of hall passes, the promises we get as sons and daughters are way better! Let’s look at Romans 8:28-39 for a sampling!

  1. We are promised Good. (28) God’s definition of good is better than ours. While that may mean a Chevy Cobalt instead of a Corvette, we can trust that He knows exactly what we need. His goals for us are way higher than our own. We know that in everything God is accomplishing two things: 1, His glory. 2, our good.
  2. We are promised Growth. (29) He is conforming us to the image of His Son. Amen.
  3. We are promised Glory. (30) This is specifically speaking of our future home in Heaven. See Romans 8:18 for the practical application of this verse.
  4. We are promised Guarding against the enemy. (31-34) Christ is our interceder against the accuser. Way better than O.J.’s defense team!
  5. We are promised Great victory. (35-37) What are mere obstacles in the face of God? No matter what, in the end we win. Praise God!
  6. We are promised God’s love. (38-39) There is no greater force in the world than the love of God. And His love is centered on you. Bask in the glow!

What great promises we have! Get on your knees where you are and thank God for His mercy and grace.