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Reaching Campaign

It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? Raise $150,000 in six months? That’s what I thought until God reminded me of what Elisha said in 2 Kings 3:18, “This is an easy thing for the Lord to do…” And it is. But it will take ridiculous faith on our part and even more, a ridiculous investment. I believe God is calling Creek’s End to something greater, and that is the mission of connecting people to God in a deeper way as well as connecting to others on the same spiritual journey. As I shared recently, we are building a new building to create office and classroom space. We will remodel existing offices into more first floor classroom space. A loan has already been procured to pay for this building and the payment fits comfortably within our budget. But we have other needs surrounding this project that we will need extra money for.

So from March 5 until August 27 we are doing the REACHING PROJECT. We have a need for a prayer garden to emphasize prayer on a deeper level. We also need to replace broken and aging audio/visual equipment so our worship will be as good as it can be. And then we need more parking. The result will be REACHING UP to connect with God on a deeper level through prayer, worship, and small groups. We will be REACHING IN as people connect with each other in circles instead of rows. And we will be REACHING OUT to connect with our community as we provide more space for new believers and community events, and more parking for everyone.

Donations for the REACHING PROJECT

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Reaching Project

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